What to Expect From Your Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Property?

selling your property blogSelling your property in the least amount of time, for the most money, with the least trouble.

Does that pretty much summarise what home sellers want from their real estate agent? Or, at least, you would think so.

As it turns out, that doesn’t come as natural for the majority of home owners looking to sell.

Informal Market Survey…

An informal market survey done on our list of previous Bryanston home sellers arrived at the following “Top-3 seller expectations from their agents“:

- help sellers with correct pricing of the property;

- assist sellers with marketing of the property;

- sell the property within seller’s time frame.

Luckily for these sellers, most Bryanston real estate agents consider this Top-3 as their primary job focus.

Pricing of the Property…

There’s no denying it: the most important moment for a home seller will be when s/he hears what marketing price the real estate agent puts forward.

Does the agent put it too low, the seller will be offended; does the agent put it too high, then he sets the seller up for quite the high, unrealistic selling price expectations.

This is where a comparative market analysis (CMA) comes into play. A report up together with 90% evidence and 10% opinion will go a long way. Neither agent not seller will be able to deny the realistic figures in front of them; hereby quickly reducing unrealistic prices.

Marketing of the Property…

Whereas we expected the marketing of the property to be the number one answer by our sellers, it came in second. Nevertheless, it was pointed out as a very important expectation from their real estate agent.

Depending on the price level of the property (ie R1,000,000 vs R10,000,000), the seller might expect a completely different marketing strategy. How will the respective buyers be informed about the arrival of the new property ‘For Sale’?

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Selling Your Property Within Right Time Frame…

One straightforward question agents ought to ask their home sellers more often is:

“What is more important to you: time or money?”

The answer to that question alone tends to determine how eager the home seller is about selling his property. The balance between how fast they want to sell vs how much they want to sell it for.

Those sellers faced with a change in their social situation (ie death in immediate family, divorce, new employment opportunity etc) are more likely be pressed for time, which means the selling prices will need to be more market related in order to sell quicker.

Those people who are quite comfortable hanging onto their asking prices are more likely not in a rush to sell (ie recently-retired sellers selling in order to buy elsewhere, middle-aged people looking to downscale to name a few).

Knowing the answer will help the marketing of the property immensely. After all, the key determining factor in selling a property is the price.

Other Expectations…

In the end, we need to take all the expectations noted by the sellers into consideration to get an overall idea of what homeowners want from their real estate agents when they’re assisting in selling their property. An agent needs to know what the seller is expecting and actually meet those expectations.

Besides the specific expectations mentioned above, honesty, offering a great service and lending a sympathetic ear are the most cited qualities sought in a real estate agent.

What other services are you looking for in a real estate agent? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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